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Mediation in Guilderland, New York

Jo Ann E. Coughtry, certified in mediation, has been in the practice of divorce and family law since 1991. Jo Ann E. Coughtry brings her experience and training to mediation/dispute resolution. Jo Ann E. Coughtry helps clients reach informed, satisfying and cost-effective solutions. In a trusting environment, Jo Ann E. Coughtry helps clients create their own agreements based on their mutual needs and goals as well as those of their children. Jo Ann E. Coughtry, places clients first, recognizing that divorce/separation has many dimensions - legal, emotional, psychological and parental when children are involved. Jo Ann E. Coughtry creates a trusting environment that facilitates conversation and communication between divorcing and/or separating spouses and other disputing parties, encouraging them to understand the facts of their situation, address each other's priorities, and through an informed and problem solving framework allows spouses and disputing parties take charge of resolving their future while keeping their matters private, confidential, and out of the court room.
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