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Matrimonial Law & Family Law in Guilderland, New York

Jo Ann E.Coughtry's Law Practice is Limited Exclusively to Matrimonial Law and Family Law located in Guilderland, New York, providing legal services throughout the Capital District and surrounding Counties.

Jo Ann E. Coughtry will give your Matrimonial and Family Law matters the personal attention, caring, and zealous representation necessary to accomplish the best possible outcome available. Jo Ann E. Coughtry is available 24/7 to provide the individualized, personal attention that you deserve and should expect from your attorney. Whether your Divorce, Matrimonial or Family Law matter is complex, contested or uncontested, Jo Ann E. Coughtry will provide the same care and attentive representation you as a client are entitled and should expect from an attorney.

Jo Ann E. Coughtry understands the differing needs and specialized attention of individual cases as they relate to the complexities of matrimonial, divorce and matrimonial as well as family court. Jo Ann E. Coughtry will successfully negotiate a resolution of your matrimonial, divorce or family court matter and if unable to negotiate a resolution, will litigate your issues with knowledgeable and experienced representation.
Attorney Jo Ann E. Coughtry , Family Law, Matrimonial Law in Guilderland, NY
Jo Ann E. Coughtry with over 25 year's success in Matrimonial and Family Law will counsel you on the new laws effecting divorce including equitable distribution, spousal and child support, pensions, and IRAs, If your case involves family court, Jo Ann E. Coughtry will successfully counsel you on custody and support, relocation, adoption, domestic violence and grandparents rights. If you are seeking a modification of a prior custody and/or support Order, Jo Ann E. Coughtry is experienced to counsel you on those matters as well.
Whether your case is complex, contested or uncontested, Jo Ann E. Coughtry has the experience to counsel you properly and advise of the best approach to accomplish your goals. You as a client deserve, expect and are entitled to attentive, competent, zealous representation regardless of the level of complexity of your case. Jo Ann E. Coughtry strives to be the attorney you are looking for.
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